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Rosslyn Vet Clinic - Compassionate and Expert Veterinary Care

Emergency Vet Services

NO FEE WALK-IN Triage And Immediate Assessment

Emergency and Urgent Pet Care

Welcome to our dedicated evening emergency pet care services, where your pet's health is our top priority.

No Fee, Walk-In Triage

At our clinic, we believe in barrier-free access to emergency veterinary care, which is why we offer a No Fee Walk-In Triage and Immediate Assessment service.

This vital service ensures that every pet in need receives prompt attention without the stress of upfront costs. Upon arrival, your pet will be quickly assessed by our skilled veterinary team, allowing us to immediately identify the urgency of their condition and prioritize care accordingly.

It’s our way of ensuring that all pets get the chance for a quick recovery, emphasizing our commitment to their health and your peace of mind.

Emergency Pet Care

If your pet requires urgent care, please call us at: 780-475-9912

Evening EMERGENCY and urgent pet care

Understanding that emergencies don’t adhere to regular business hours, we’ve tailored our services to offer immediate assessments in those critical after-hours moments.

Our team of experienced veterinarians is here to provide the urgent care your pet needs, ensuring a swift and accurate diagnosis at a reasonable rate.

Because when it comes to your beloved companion’s well-being, every second counts. Trust us to be there for you and your pet, offering peace of mind when you need it most.

When your beloved pet faces an emergency outside regular vet hours, trust Rosslyn Veterinary Clinic to provide prompt and compassionate care.

After Hours Veterinary Care Services

Rosslyn Veterinary Clinic Evening Urgent Care Offers Essential Urgent And Emergency Veterinary Services


Pets may suffer from gastrointestinal problems due to numerous factors. Our experienced team quickly evaluates and addresses issues such as vomiting and diarrhea, offering you peace of mind and delivering much-needed relief to your pet.

Dehydration/Excessive Drinking

Our clinic provides essential care, from giving IV fluids for dehydration to investigating causes of increased thirst, ensuring your pet’s fluid levels are properly managed and balanced.<br />

Not Eating or Not Drinking

If your pet is avoiding food or water, this may signal a serious health issue. Our expert team excels in identifying and treating the underlying reasons for this refusal, developing an effective treatment strategy.

Poison/Toxin Ingestion

When a pet ingests toxic substances, immediate action is crucial. This frequent emergency is something our team routinely manages. We are adept at promptly inducing vomiting when necessary, followed by treatments to neutralize poisons or toxins, with the goal of minimizing any harm.

Skin Allergies – Itching, Rashes, Hot Spots

Skin allergies can lead to significant discomfort for your pet. Our team is equipped to diagnose and manage these conditions, offering prompt relief from symptoms such as itching, rashes, and hot spots. We’re committed to easing your pet’s distress quickly.

Coughing and Sneezing

Continuous coughing and sneezing may point to a range of health concerns, from allergies to heart conditions. Our team performs comprehensive evaluations to pinpoint the exact cause, enabling us to devise a precise and effective approach to treatment.

Upper Respiratory Infections

Respiratory infections can be alarming. Our team is ready to assist in diagnosing and suggesting treatments that give your pet the optimal opportunity for a complete recovery. With a diagnosis and recommended action plan from our knowledgeable staff, we aim to help your pet breathe more comfortably as soon as possible.

Ear Infections – Head Shaking, Discharge

Ear infections can significantly distress your pet. Our team is prepared to perform the necessary diagnostics to find the root cause. We’ll then administer the appropriate treatments to ease discomfort and clear the infection, which may include thorough cleaning and medication.

If your pet requires urgent care, please call us at:  780-475-9912
We Offer No Fee Walk-In Triage for immediate assessment of your pet